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I will animate a short movement or story of your character
normal art
normal art.

will be 5 to 10 points just put them in the donation pool when your paying
Abstract or randoms
you want me to draw abstracts or randoms for you its 800 points cause randoms take time and you have to catch me in a random mood.
Lunadows or Shaduna
if you want me to draw more of these two it's 600 points cause it takes a while to think of an idea and both characters are a little difficult to draw depending on the position.
Sonic Forms
I will accept commissions now in order to earn some points to extend my membership and continue to be with you guys.
If you want me to draw Sonic forms then it will cost 1100 cause it takes a pretty long time to do these.


I really like this piece. it intrigues me to great expenses and gives me multiple ideas. You know to make it even better you should add...

Crying literally crying it's so beautiful. The characters expressions are absolutely perfect and helps with the feeling of fear and sor...

amazing a true piece of art. I don't know how you do it but you make it look like the real Archie comics and I love that. The coloring ...


Thank you :icongottagoblast:GottaGoBlast 114 12 On the ARK :iconupdate-nv:Update-NV 14 4 Kid Shy :iconxxshysonicxx:xXShySonicXx 8 7 What a snowy day~ :iconnatsumi-nyan:Natsumi-Nyan 80 7 seminude :iconkajikimaguro427:KajikiMaguro427 75 6 dythiapofchem :icontibzonoa:Tibzonoa 69 2 Commission: Tenshi Dukeelkarn :icongottagoblast:GottaGoBlast 25 4 Wind Runs Free :iconevmousser:EVMousser 1,603 260 Who I AM :iconevmousser:EVMousser 1,440 157 Shall Fail :iconevmousser:EVMousser 1,916 231 nextgen shadow :iconlujji:lujji 1,608 67 morninggg :iconlujji:lujji 1,502 94 Shadow :iconupdate-nv:Update-NV 80 17 #Triggered - oh shit! :iconastralseed:Astralseed 268 54 Children's Play Issue1 pg8 :iconliyuconberma:LiyuConberma 520 140




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because i want enough to get a 3 month core. Please help me achieve that.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
I love to write Sonic story's and once in a while will draw him. Don't like Sonadow's very much but certains ones to me seem more brother. I enjoy Sonamy's though. Would like very much if you review my fanfiction stories first before asking me things. Also I love Role can find me here… and in the site below.


Luna the Wolf
Made with DeviantArt muro

Okay i figured out some things and really this isn't that bad I love the sketch tool the best so i think i'm going to post sketches from here more often.
How do you take a screenshot???
My tears flowed like a river
Not a clue to when they'll stop
For i had failed as a mother today
My child forever lost to the agony my choice had made

It haunts to me to bare the fault and shame i've succumbed
My poor baby is lost..gone because of scum
Rage has no words just violence and yelling
what i feel is grief and i feel more will becoming
Your sweet little eyes closed forever in darkness
Your beautiful fur doomed to loose it's softness
Oh how many times i've cried screaming in mourning

My thoughts ever laid for the funeral and coffin you'd be adorning
..but just as i walked into that once empty room...
I found you there sitting and playing with the loom
I was stunned neh shocked and the tears flowed again..
My baby was back...but how and when.
As I hugged you my tears soaking into your fur..
I took a peak at the mirror feeling your soft purr.

But what i witnessed i can never explain
My thoughts still echo with the wild image I have yet to tame
His eyes were golden
and such a proud smile he held
The wings golden and white with symbolized markings
The constant glow of his symbol..brightening and darkening.

there was a calm feeling and i found my tears had run dry
As he slowly turned walked away the mirror fading 
until it showed nothing but i
i am still utterly lost but i know now today
the touch of an angel had brought my baby back to me.
These two songs will be an Animation soon 

Who else likes this song besides me!! XD

I have had it up to here with people and their bullying! Seriously who gives a fuck about what others have done in the past why the hell are you people bothering to bring that up again. FOR WHAT?!?! is it some kind of get back thing with you? Is it revenge? Is it because you don't know how to freaking shut up!? Or is it because your such a sorry let down that you rather hurt others so you can feel good about yourself? I don't know and honestly I don't fucking care. As long as they realized their mistake and have changed it's totally fine for them to have friends and be happy...TRULY happy, not the fake happiness they get from hurting others. I have seen so many people get bullied for no apparent reason except that the bully just hates them. Well here's a nice thing from me. I don't care if they were a bully in the past, they changed their ways now..that's all that matters. I don't give a flying fuck if they're black, white, asian, mexican, swedish or whatever, they're still my friend that's all that matters and the fact that they changed. there is no NEED for someone else to even hint about the past...Fucking drop it..just stop it.. you look like a very childish fool. I won't give names but you know who you are. I was once mean too okay hard to believe but it's true and i have said this a lot in other journals, But i also changed, I'm a happy-go-lucky person and love making new friends. How is it that when some say this i find stupid things in the comment section, but on others I find praise and things to make the person feel happy. WTF!!! I'm pretty sure Most of you were mean in the past as well quit being such goddamn hypocrites. What the fuck is wrong with you?! What is your problem? Anyway i've said my piece and you all know me pretty well to know that i can get mean when Someone messes with my friends. I've had enough either knock it off or shut the fuck up. One of the two you have a problem Leave!


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